Born in a Salon in 1986, PÉKA was created by Peter Friedauer to fill a void in Salon products for his clients. A lack of high quality hair care products to handle specific needs, was the driving force for creating this High Quality Salon brand. Over the years Peter used his four decades of experience behind the chair running a World Class salon to continue to design and add superior products giving his clients the best hair they deserve.

The result is a line of products made to give you the most luxurious hair. Products made with a purpose, from the best ingredients, specifically designed for results with no expense spared.


After stepping away from the chair his clients demanded to be able to continue using the products they had grown to love. Now you can order these same High Quality hair care products delivered straight to your home. And PÉKA continues to develop products from the finest ingredients available, and using new technologies.


Give your hair the quality it deserves. 


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